Scripts and their undo

TL;DR. Scripts are a great way to automate the mundane. But be sure you give yourself a way out — an undo — when running them.

Some time ago, I had to carry out a long sequence of manual changes in the deployment of my ‘cloud’ service, and so like a good software engineer, I automated large chunks of these changes with shell scripts. Here I learned the importance of building and ‘undo’ in all your shell scripts that mutate the state of world.

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Small town Bulgaria

I had a really good time visiting Mira’s family in Sevlievo, Bulgaria.  I am intrigued by the culture and sensibilities in small town Bulgaria.

We started with visiting the old St. Prophet Eliah Church. The last place I was allowed to take photos was the entrance. It was pretty quaint on the inside, but we were not allowed to take any pictures.


Shipka Memorial Church

Shipka memorial church is a Bulgarian Orthodox church built in the style of a Russian Orthodox church.

The front of the Shipka Memorial Church
The front of the Shipka Memorial Church

It was build during late 19th century as a dedication to the Bulgarian, Russian, and Ukrainian soldiers who lost their lives in liberating Bulgaria from the Ottoman empire. The gold plated domes are of typical Muscovite style from the late 19th century.