Unit tests FTW! — Part 4

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In the previous three parts of this series, I have talked about how unit tests are useful in a lot more than just verifying that your code works. We’ve talked its uses for documentation, refactoring and code health, and writing better software. Next, we’ll see how unit tests helps you debug issues in production.

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The merits of unit tests — Part 3

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Previously, I talked about how unit tests serve purposes other than verifying code functionality; I talked about unit tests serving as defacto documentation, and unit tests helping you refactor without fear. In this post, I’ll talk about yet another benefit to unit tests: writing better software.

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The merits of unit tests — Part 2

In the previous post, we saw how unit tests can serve as a reliable source of documentation for your code. There is a lot more that unit tests can do for you. In this post I’ll talk about a fairly obvious, but often ignored, benefit to unit testing: Refactoring.

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Small town Bulgaria

I had a really good time visiting Mira’s family in Sevlievo, Bulgaria.  I am intrigued by the culture and sensibilities in small town Bulgaria.

We started with visiting the old St. Prophet Eliah Church. The last place I was allowed to take photos was the entrance. It was pretty quaint on the inside, but we were not allowed to take any pictures.

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