Responding to concerns as a people manager

You are the people manager for a team, and a team member comes to you with a concern. How should you approach it? I have been in this situation multiple times, and have admittedly made some wrong turns. After some corrections and learning, here is what seems to work well for me (although YMMV). If you like lists, here is a snapshot of the path I take.

  1. Listen
  2. Empathize
  3. Don’t take notes
  4. Descend into the particular
  5. Check with others
  6. Socialize, if the issue is common
  7. DO NOT become an apologist for status quo

Note that this doesn’t talk about the resolution for the issue. That is very specific to the issue at hand. What I have is more of an approach to understanding the issue in a manner that is respectful of the stakeholders. With that disclaimer, let’s unpack each of those bullet points.

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