Srikanth Sastry A Techie in Boston

Proposing a new radio show

I am proposing a new music show on KEOS 89.1FM Community Radio. Below is the proposal I will be submitting to the KEOS mangement team.

  KEOS Show Proposal

Name: Srikanth Sastry Date: August 27, 2008 Show Description: I propose a music show focusing exclusively on Trance music. The show will showcase various sub genres of trance including Progressive Trance, Acid Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Vocal Trance, Ambient Trance, and such. The show will feature artists like ATB, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyke, Tiesto, Robert Miles, Astral Projection, Buddha Bar, and such. The nature of trance music and the associated culture is such that it favors long sessions of continuous music, so the show will have very few breaks. All the mandated PSAs, promos, and station ID will either be played together so as to provide a longer continuous music session, or will be played over the music (the music will be potted down, of course). Since this makes it difficult to communicate the play-list to the listeners I propose serve the play-list online.

Show Format: It will be a 2 hr. show consisting of ~30-minute sessions of continuous music. Audience: Anyone interested in trance music, or is curious about it. There is a significant minority counter/alternative culture in the B/CS area who listen to trance, house, and ambient music. Unfortunately the airways carry very little music in those genres. I expect this program to fill that void, at least partially. Longevity: Trance is an extremely active music genre. Having developed in the 1990s, it is a relatively new form of music. Despite its nascence Trance DJs are extremely prolific in their creations and several artists release albums every year, not to mention recordings from various trance festivals and jam sessions. Although trance is not very well known in the US, it is extremely popular in Europe and shows no signs of waning down. Fidelity to KEOS Mission: This show will play music from a genre that is chronically and acutely underplayed on all radio stations. Its audience includes a demographic which is severely under-served on the Bryan-College Station airwaves. The show has the potential to attract new listener-ship to KEOS, thus diversifying both the music played on the station, and the people who listen to KEOS. Resources: I have legal copies of all the music that I’d like to play on the air. I need only the resources already available in the On-Air studio for my show. Wireless Internet would be a desirable, but not necessary, resource. Suggested Titles: Trance Texas Corridor; Trance Nocturna; Alchemical Hours; Android Dreams; One Nation Under Trance Possible Time Slots: Monday 11PM-1AM; Tuesday 9-11PM. 11PM-1AM Co-Hosting: Currently, I do not have a co-host, but am open to the idea of having one. My backup, in case I cannot host during some weeks, is Martin Codrington. Start Date: First week of October